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Workshops and courses are a great way of enhancing understanding. Over the years,  Individuals With Differences has designed and delivered an array of seminars and courses to community groups, businesses, government departments, and educational organizations, including instructing in post-secondary institutions.  I strive to make each workshop and course dynamic, informative, and interactive; the goal being that participants/students find the content relevant, insightful, and applicable to their individual circumstances. Here are a sampling of workshops and courses I have offered over the years:

  • Understanding anxiety and strategies to reduce it

  • Progressive muscle relaxation techniques

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • How to support individuals with special needs

  • Developing behavior plans

  • Understanding social deficits

  • Deciphering psycho-educational assessments

  • How to write a Carol Gray social story and other social narratives

  • Working with Exceptionalities (a course offered for teaching assistants through Bow Valley College )


Special Projects

The objective of this initiative is to improve diagnostic awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorder through mobile education and consultation to front line personnel dealing with cognitively capable adolescents and adults on the spectrum.  I will facilitate a workshop on understanding ASD to professionals in the community who provide supports, supervision and services, such as employee assistance programs, human resources, educators and health care providers.  As well, these individuals will be provided information about mental health issues and ASD and some common evidence based interventions and strategies specific to this population. 

A presentation would include:

  • Diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  • Similarities between ASD and other mental health issues

  • The impact of having ASD as a cognitively capable individual 

  • How it can benefit individuals to be diagnosed in adulthood at all stages

  • Types of evidence based, treatment and counselling   

The community initiative is also designed as a training package for organizations involved with service delivery to ASD individuals or that have ASD employees within their organizations and want to support these individuals more effectively.

Individuals With Differences can provide your organization with these specific training programs or can design one tailored to your training needs.

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